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(Classes start every Monday 5:15 – 9:30. Special circumstances may be arranged if Monday starts are not possible.) All driver education must be paid for and completed 6 months from the date student starts classroom instruction, per chapter 4501-7-10 of the Ohio Revised Code. Payment may be made via phone at 513-988-7233 with MasterCard, Visa or DISCOVER credit card. Payment may also be taken in the office at the time the student comes in to start class. Check, cash, credit card or money order will be accepted. Ohio State rules require that we have a parent or guardian’s signature prior to any student, under the age of 18, starting classroom.

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The full cost of driver training school shall be $399.00.There will be 24 hours of classroom instruction and eight (8) hours of actual in-car/on the road driving education (based on the Ohio Driver Training Curriculum). The car will be provided by B-SAFE Driving Education LLC. The classroom/in-car education beginning student start date and completed within 6 months. (Ohio State law requires training to be completed within a 6 month period. Chapter 4501-7-10 of the Ohio Revised Code) All students must have final payment made 3 months from start date and all driver education completed within this 6 month period. Students will be subject to additional class time and fees if not completed within this requirement.

  • Final payment must be made prior to scheduling for in-car. If payment is made by check, the certificate will be held until the check has cleared. (Approximately 3 weeks)

If supplementary drive time is needed there will be an additional charge of $50.00 per 2 hours. This covers the costs of the vehicle and instructor for the extra drive time. If the student, in the course of completing the 24 hours of required classroom time, in any way disrupts the class, or is found to be inattentive, or does not abide by the no smoking, non use of cell phone (either using to text or talk) or abuses the break time allotted, as issued by the State of Ohio, he/she may be dismissed from the class. He/she will be required to start all classes over and complete additional payment. B-SAFE Driving Education LLC is not responsible for providing the vehicle for the license examination. However, if B-SAFE is asked to provide the vehicle and a vehicle is available, a charge of $80.00 in CASH will be assessed. The vehicle shall be available for a total of three (3) hours and does provide an instructor to and from the testing station. The additional charge is payable prior to testing. Cash or Credit card only. In accordance with the Ohio Administrative Code Section 4501-7-04 material within the course will be covered in twenty-four hours of classroom and eight hours of actual driving based on the Ohio Driver Training Curriculum. Class D Enterprise/Driver Training Schools are licensed by the Department of Public Safety through the Ohio Driver Training Office 1970 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43223 B-SAFE Driving Education LLC will offer NO REFUNDS to students, parents or guardians. This statement is to clearly advise prospective students that should the school be ready, willing and able to fulfill its part of this agreement NO REFUNDS SHALL BE MADE. By signing below you indicate that you understand the NO REFUNDS policy. If you need to cancel a driving lesson, 24 hours notice must be given. In the event that no notice is given a charge of $30.00 will be collected before your certificate will be available for pick up. In the event that there is a “ no show ” this will also be charged as above. Be advised that there is no guarantee that any student that completes the course will receive a license to drive from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Section 4508.2 A certificate will be issued by B-SAFE Driving Education LLC at the completion of the course. In the event the certificate being lost or stolen after being issued to the student, said student may obtain a new certificate from the school at the cost of $15.00. Upon issuance of a new certificate, the student will be required to write a statement about the loss or theft. By signing this contract, I understand and will comply with all of the information listed herein. There will be a $30.00 charge for all returned checks.

As parent or guardian I do understand these terms, agree to them, and acknowledge that all information contain herein has been truthful to the best of my knowledge.

B-SAFE Driving Education, LLC

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Donald L. or Betty J. Cepluch Date
NOTE: Any classroom lesson that is missed MUST be made up at a future date that offers the class or classes that the student missed. NO EXCEPTION as per quidelines set by the State of Ohio
If any student, while driving a B-SAFE vehicle is found to be at fault or breaking the law (by a law officer) he/she shall be held LIABLE for any and all fines, penalties and/or deductibles pertaining to such incident. If a student while in a B-SAFE vehicle runs a “photo light” red, that students certificate will be held in case a photo was taken and a fine assessed. The student will be required to pay this fine ($100.00) to the city in which the incident occurred in order to receive the certificate of completion . (Certificate will be held for a minimum of 3 weeks or longer if photo was taken)
Driver training schools are licensed by the Department of Public Safety through the Ohio Driver Training Office
1970 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43223


Section 4508.02 Bureau of Motor Vehicles allows ALL private driving schools 6 (six) full months from the date the student starts in the classroom to complete the course.

Due to weather conditions, illness, school activities nad etc., there are many problems beyond our control that may for some reason hold up the driving portion beyond your expectations.

We will endeavor to get every student done just as soon as possible, but we cannot and do not make any promises.

As parent or guardian I do understand these terms and agree to them
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